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Story Line

This outline of the book form gives a glimpse at a small part of the story in part one of the Satz Clock. There will be continuous updates as time goes on.

The opening of the book begins by talking about the events that lead to world war one. During prewar Europe the countries were about to embark on a devastating folly that helped no one and whose objectives could not even be stated clearly. Many were attempting to avoid the war and one leading Frenchman almost succeeded but he was assassinated. Many bizarre coincidences happened and some actions sent people to locations which triggered others to go to theirs. Europe was full of energy and the large body of foolish ideas that were embedded into the cultures conscientiousness were at work. Notions of National identity and histories that reveled in the great armies of the past such as Caesar, Alexander, Napoleon and so on gave of a vision of war as the most glorious way to lead ones life. (and to quickly end it) Celine said it best of the reality of it ,

“Were we all by ourselves then? A column of men, in fours behind each other? The music stopped. Then I said to myself, as I saw how things were going, ‘It’s not such fun after all. I doubt if its worth it.’ And I was going to go back. But it was too late! They’d shut the gate behind us, quietly; the civilians had. We were caught, like rats in a trap.” (Journey to the End of the Night)

On the eve of the great folly none of the participants thought something very large was going to happen. Just like the opening to the civil war the whole thing was supposed to be over very quickly. There were many events that were needed in synchronicity and they indeed happen. The Archduke of Austria was not even supposed to go to Serbia (Oddly he was actually sympathetic with the cause of the people that killed him as opposed to the person that was supposed to have went) so because of bizarre coincidence he goes down and as he is driving a weird twist of fate causes the road to be blocked. Instead of waiting it out his driver takes a turn into another street in an attempt to go around. He gets lost and in an equally weird event his driver pulls right up to the assassin. The Archduke is killed and world wars one and two are unleashed with unthinkable consequences.

Occasionally large groups of people take actions that affect many others and the total summation of all of their simultaneous movement create a special affect that is grossly profound. These synchronicity symphonies of humans are Satz Clock moments. For good or bad, they do occur in history. The musical piece is about just such an event with many implied outlooks on it.

Overly simple first step in the story line…

Wilson Myshkin, is told to do world improving, in a pattern by his hunting partner Gordon Brown. Wilson is directed to use the phrase: The ideal membership stakes debt free path to wealth and security zone. A fine example of a government program reduced to a meme so as to sell it to the maximum number of gullible observers. There is a sequential anagram message that Gordon is trying to spell. Thus he kills in the first city which is Barrow Alaska where Wilson presents the letter to the townsfolk “T”. (the first letter of The idea membership stakes debt free path to wealth and security zone) He will not kill again until the next letter of his message occurs which is in Calgary which gets the Letter I in the presentation ceremony performed by Wilson Myshkin. Wilson continues down to Yellowknife (then Juneau, Calgary, Vancouver, Seattle, Eatonville, Yellowstone, Pinedale, Coeur D’Alene, Salt Lake City, Portland, Crescent City, Oakland, San Jose, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas (where the great Octagon suite takes place) Phoenix, Tuscon, Nogales, Hermosillo, Guadalajara, Acapulco, Managua, Tegucigalpa, Corpus Christi, Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Montreal, Albany, Boston, Waterbury, Newark, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Richmond, Raleigh, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Kingston and finally ending in the most appropriate place, Port Au Prince. Each city has its own special piece such as the sensible Google Earth song being played over San Jose. Features of the cities are used in the story and music so that each city has their own special treatment. Ultimately the Google Earth mapping feature is implemented throughout the Omni Opera/Book which goes through the cities of the world and ultimately ends in the frozen wasteland of Barrow Alaska again. The Story of part one should be self contained and complete while allowing for a continuation to the ideas that develop in the other parts.

Leading up until Las Vegas, the “Good will girl” who uses Google Earth to plan acts of kindness (all Google Earth users look into the cities for exacting locations and houses to plan out their events) is married to the brother of the cop, who is Joe Trask.

Four characters use Google earth to implement their plans. At least two are all killed. Two other characters in sympathy with the intentions of the original characters will then take up the functions that the dead people were pursuing so as to fulfill their wishes. Within the key story development the main focus musically and story wise of the first part is that the international policeman (Joe Trask) who figures out that there is a pattern with the murders and is ultimately set to catching the killer.

Wilson is a motivational speaker.

1. Wilson was a prosecutor that had a record number of false prosecutions.
2. He is now a bureaucrat for the North American Harmony Zone.
3. He recites the many building projects that have failed under him
4. He constantly places letters, gives speech’s and bungles.
5. He is drawn into the big scene setup with Joe’s trap that fails.
6. He ceaselessly continues his adventures bolstered by public monies.

Joe Trask (His father changed his name from Trag to Trask) the killer hunter is complex and not clearly a typical central police figure. He became a cop because of Joe Friday, and he changed his first name to emulate Friday. He first is sent to check out the strange death in Barrow. Joe runs a Bingo game for old folks and hunts. When he figures out that it is a pattern Killer he is impressed by the style but cannot reconcile that the dopey Wilson Myshkin is the person.

None the less he follows the pattern which he weirdly enough latches onto while doing a bingo game. He clicks onto the pattern as he is reading out Bingo numbers. He sets the trap in which he talks his brother who is married to the good will girl into going to Las Vegas and setting up as an ideal victim with a name that matches the letter of intended city. The brother uses romance to fool his wife who is deeply in love with him. He is not totally insincere but he is not totally honest either. Trask does not know the message yet and in error makes a wrong assumption. His brother and the good will girl do not know what he is doing fully and put her in the position of bait unknowingly. While setting up Myshkin, he himself is trapped by the killer who succeeds in killing the good will girl and punishing Trask. A lot happens in this suite and the other story elements cross.

Later, Trask in his pursuit of the killer has been developing an admiration of his cunning, strength and persona. Having an epiphany after Gordon is found dead, Joe continues the work that Gordon was doing.

Gordon’s first song reveals him to be a hunter and and community leader. Gordon is deeply loved by the community and he is frequently featured in the media as a great man. He has McGruff tattooed on his Arm. Gordon’s Sister is Selwyn Brown. She is a musician that tours. She suspects something is amiss in her brother and in a drugged bragging orgy he tells her what he has done. Anika’s main morality of life was that there is only one immorality and that is the act of causing suffering to living creatures. (Anika had a daughter that she could not connect to on an emotional basis and could not even say her name.) One must make the decisions of life based on limiting the maximum amount of suffering that can happen to living creatures and do the best to manage the obvious conflicts that ultimately always occur. Selwyn is faced with just such a conflict when finding out about her brother’s murderous system. She ultimately kills Gordon and takes over the role of Anika Trask, the good will Googler. She also adopts her morality system.

So the good will Googler dies and is replaced. The serial killer dies and is replaced. The stronger story that runs along side has a philosopher chess player and his set of acquaintances. More will be written later.