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Production Complete!

Production on the first part of the Centrifugal Satz Clock has been completed. This leaves mixing, mastering, and the release! We will be announcing a release date in the not-too-distant future.

We would like to credit each performer who contributed to the project. The following players have generously given performances on the Satz Clock:

Aaron Ashton; Abe Laboriel Sr.; Adam Mielke; Alex Gustaffson; Andy Maughan; Bella Schwartz; Ben Lepley; Billy Hulting; Brittany Bullen; Chad Wackerman; Charlie Bisharet; Chris Priddy; Clark Bullen; Dallan Gordon; Dweezil Zappa; Edward Goldfarb; Emilie Jensen; Gilbert Fry; Gregory Miffin; Jason Mielke; Jean-Yves Cowan; Jeffery Scott; Jessica Bensen; John Eckels; John Englund; John Flanders; John Kovalenko; Kirstin Fife; Lenna Habbashaw; Maria Anton; Mario Ortiz; Mary Lindbloom; Milagra McGee; Mike Miller; Mitch Forman; Nicole Madison; Novi Novog; Olivia Woolley Maughan; Owen Caprell; Serretta Hart; Shauna Gustaffson; Stefanie Fife; Steve Knell; Steve Kusaba; Steve Vai; Timothy Carter; Vinnie Colaiuta; Will Perkins.