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One of the Many Flavors…

Since the Satz clock is so large it is not easy to just describe what is going on without serious loss of context. So we will get a description of it in many essays and small writings. The larger segments will be the story line.

One of the categories that is so useful to this work is “Atmospherics”. Anui would be a good one word atmospheric though the term can take on many forms. Alban Berg always chose very good subjects that matched the atmospherics of his compositional techniques. When you follow the story of Lulu and Wozzeck at no point do you think they don’t match quite well.

The atmospherics of the Satz Clock are heavily reliant on what the author calls “corn haze” which refers to random and/or purposeful blurring of reality.

Governments supply huge amounts of corn haze so as to confuse their subjects and accomplish their goals. Salespeople, meme spreaders, many institutions, hucksters and a broad assortment of con people work the haze.

If the drug industry wants to conduct policy that protects and advances their profits they undertake large amounts of corn haze so as to appear to be protecting us. The universe naturally dishes out copious amounts of the haze as evidenced by some of the most brilliant scientists plodding about in an erroneous path.

Paths such as the work of Dr. Linus Pauling in vitamin C, Einsteins struggle with quantum mechanics, and economists (possibly a true psuedo-science) who accept lock stock and barrel broken models and ridiculous notions (Upstanding good people with Nobel prizes can make errors too). Thus if people of this pedigree can make errors of magnitude how can the common person ever not be horn swaggled most of the time. Corn haze is at its nastiest when it comes to people’s trust and belief in other figure-head humans. Usually it is obvious in the end who the bad guys are, that the Bastille is what needs to be stormed. Who doesn’t know that Hitler and Stalin were monsters (Well maybe Amadinijad doesn’t)? But during their rise to prominence both were swaddled in copious amounts of corn haze. The industrialists thought that “We can work with this fellow, Hitler.” The Vatican viewed National Socialism as a good alternative to Communism. Both fascist and communist monsters destroyed their opposition by ruthlessly killing and imprisoning them so the only opinion most young people ever heard was pro-monster propaganda.

People today sometimes do not view things as being similar to the always repeating past, but while the monsters of today may not reach the lofty standards of the past such as Caligula, their super charged corn haze is of the highest quality ever. Focus groups test dull thinkers and help formulate the finest sophistries possible. Some of the so called press in many instances are little more than tabloids that rubber stamp the story line that the prominent power brokers deem fit. Sensational trash that holds only a few embers of accuracy with fantasy woven in to support the controlling interests vision of correctness. From all angles, the citizen is being told what repressive measure is being done to “protect them.” The poison is being fed tirelessly through all outlets and it’s very uncommon for you to not run into the carefully crafted talking points other institutions have created for their own dark gain in your conversations with typical people. Corn haze is the atmospheric the Satz Clock swims in, embraces and ultimately tries to destroy. The music which may seem at times to be drenched in corn syrup is really attuned to the corn haze. The story ultimately ends with a sharp degree of clarity… so we expect.