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It is amazing, but the madness of groups, their weird conformity to the greater foolishness, is as prevalent today as it has been through the centuries. If you think about how beauty has been mandated by bureaucrats, the one group you could count on NOT to understand beauty most of the time, it fits the perverse nature of humans for things to turn out this way. In a place of heavy labor the small and weak will carry the heavy things and the strong will watch and dictate how it should be done.

Wilson Myshkin has so much material given to him from real life that he could fill up a 100 hour opera with just his songs only.

The plant Nazis (OK the subset is grass Nazis) make it law that the entire city has every possible area of residential dirt covered in a mat of green, much like their institutions. I would call it lemming green. They also dictate that all lawns, (yes and in the desert no less) must be green, of one relative variety (NOT wild!) and OF A PRESCRIBED LENGTH.

So the plant Nazis get out the ruler to see if you have been in compliance with their God given length, the length that everyone knows is beautiful. Is it measured in centimeters or inches? Heaven forbids us to let nature ever take over. Heaven forbid that plants which occur in nature, the ones that need less water and are hardy, be what is allowed to grow on lawns. These denizens of the Chairman-Mao-want-to-be club have actually drawn up lists of what the acceptable plants are and the unacceptable ones!!!! Spring Chulian flower is not acceptable, it grows everywhere. Scratted Goomicar, no no no the Mayor once stepped on one. The Pilthy Creckkagar? Yes yes, its on the Good list! This one dies if you don’t water it every 3 hours with a mixture of sucrose water, flax-banana paste and eye gorp from the Himalayan sub-Yak.

Failure to adhere to the plant Nazis list will lead to fines that are transferred to ones property taxes and if not paid will lead to the loss of one’s house!!

Could it be that the weaker plants hired lobbyists to pay kick backs to bureaucrats at the local level? Does the money move like it does with the never ending road crew jobs that plow under the same street over and over, year in and year out to a greater degree than Cool Hand Luke’s hole in the ground which got filled in and dug up?

Failure to comply is a failure of communication!

I guess we are ready to be shot outside the church for our buddies the weeds.

Bennie, Scrodo, Strango, Puffy, Slicer, Hugo and the many others, my weed buddies.