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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

One of the strong ideas that begins in the first part of the Satz clock emanates from a woman who is amusingly called “the goodwill girl”. Her name is Anika Trask. Like a flower that briefly appears, her inner beauty is stunning and her impression will last forever. Her contribution being her philosophy is that there is only one bad thing that you can do which is to cause suffering to living creatures. All else is O.K.

There is no crime in wearing a red shirt or facing North on a Saturday. You can kick rocks, just don’t hurt your foot. Survival is a modifier and it grants a very wide latitude. Her deep and precise idea is spread and developed by others and the gray areas are explored. Violent opposition to this concept comes from others that have their visions of what morality is and view this idea as a threat to their structures, money and power base. Anika is driven to live her creed daily and uses Google earth to locate areas of trouble and to travel to them and help others. This is actually not in her creed which only states that you must try to avoid causing suffering. Helping others is optional if you wish to do it. She reasons that if most people simply stopped causing their own inflictions of suffering on others then an enormous transformation would occur that would be epic. In her actions to help others her own daughter is neglected to a degree.

Out of her ideas spring much seemingly disconnected movement of people. While her demise is met in Las Vegas, her influence is lasting, strong, and central.