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Music as a pathway to zones of Pleasure, Enlightenment and Conflict.

The experience of music can by much deeper than just humming a tune. The deeper that music is installed in ones mind, the more profound the effects can.

I have experienced over many decades that ones relationship to different pieces of music grows, morphs, shrinks and can take on staggering proportions.

When one first makes contact with a piece or group of them which has great scope, its first effects might be that of slight amusement. Much of the piece being felt as a sort of a soup. With not enough familiarity a person can be a little adrift as to what is going on. What is needed is for the music to be installed properly in the mind, where it knows well the contours and how it works.

An individual song might be brain mapped fairly quickly (or not) but its huge brethren might take on many shapes over the years. The sweet spot usually is (for most things you say about music, the art form which loves paradoxes, there is always an exception) when one is so familiar with it, you could stop it anywhere and the mind would fill in what comes next, (strongly brain mapped) and where it is fresh because one has not heard it in a while. Thus spending a lot of time getting to know it and then attempting to forget about it so it is extremely well known subconsciously and forgotten a bit consciously and thus, very fresh.

You can wear out even the best music by playing it too much. Your pleasure centers will inform you as to the best number of passes for each selected time frame.

Music can give powerful pulls much like some strong chemicals. It is the opposite of chemicals in that the more you use it the more powerful it gets and there is no dilution of effect. Some pieces are much more powerful than others as is obvious but strangely they can take on degrees of power which change based on outer variables.

There is something about hearing a piece when one is rested, elated, in sorrow or despair, anger, cynicism, ennui and any other number of conditions. The mood can fuel the music and the music can fuel the mood. Daylight, night, while painting, while hiking or biking, at home, at work or play, the interactions dance together as if choreographed. You can have runners high while mountain hiking, come over the ridge and be blasted by an amazing sunset which effects the mood which had been overwhelming you for sometime. Add more inputs. The number of factors effecting our musical experience is limitless.

Mystical mental states, natural or not can create astounding experiences when wedded to the correct music. One can go so deep into their core as to find it hard to return from there sometimes. It can be quite rewarding, exhilarating and slightly (in a good way) frightening.

I began some years ago to write music designed specially for these states of mind, with the intention of developing them and assisting in peoples journey to unknown places and regions of growth, harmony and jagged disruption.

Modern sound pioneers have aided the process by creating very deep and complex sounds to work with, sounds which add to the canvas of experience with other instruments. The most compelling works in this area are greatly aided by the music pioneer learning the pieces very well over time. Their method of interaction should be dictated by their knowledge of themselves and their preferences.

I have used much of this music to go under very deep and it is my hope that others can gain in such a way also. To traverse alien landscapes, see shapes never imagined and to have their consciousness opened up.

Or you could just hum the tunes and enjoy them!