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More of the Story

Mentioned earlier was the theme of the first story. The second story of the Satz Clock(a story made from the plot of a movie inside the opera) connects into the other stories but is strongly independent.

In song one of the middle story which intersects with the others, Brenna sings of the joys of her partnership with Damien. In the following song they have a premonition that they may be caught by Damien’s fresh new wife Seriula. Seriula catches them and attempts to harm Damien, but Brenna stops her and pokes her in the eye. Seriula slinks off making menacing gestures.

Next she hires Frieda to kill them both. Frieda tells Seriula to go to Branson and do Karaoke while the deed is done. Frieda makes fun of Seriula’s swollen eye. Frieda then sneaks up on the couple and steals their clothing along with a samurai sword. Then Frieda meets up with Seriula and takes a gold bar as payment after showing the bloody clothing and photo-shopped pictures as proof. Then in a shocking turn Frieda kills Seriula and leaves the Samurai sword to frame Damien who works for Seriula. As she leaves she accidentally drops her Green day tickets she ordered on the net.

Brenna finds Seriula seemingly dead with Damien’s sword. She covers up for him by disposing the body in a wood chipper. She regains consciousness and Brenna is forced to kill her by making her watch Dr. Phil analyze Larry Kudlow while she strangles her. (LK “Drill baby drill, King Dollar!” DP “And how does this make you feel?”) She takes the Samurai sword to protect Damien.

Damien and Brenna then have a bizarre conversation where Brenna thinks that Damien has killed his wife but he does not quite understand where she coming from.

Seriula left a facebook message explaining to everyone that Brenna or Chuckie robbed her gold bar and instructs Chuckie to find Brenna and straighten out who did what. Damien then shows up at the business and Chuckie says that Brenna robbed the gold bar. Damien sees the open locked desk door where the gold bar was kept and the green day tickets on the floor and picks up the tickets to protect Brenna.

Brenna has a nightmare in which she sees the triple headed monster of Gordon Brown, Wilson Myshkin and Seriula warning her that her time would come to suffer a great betrayal.

Brenna has another misaligned conversation where now Damien thinks Brenna has robbed Seriula and Brenna thinks Damien killed Seriula.

The great finale occurs as Frieda goes to kill the couple after realizing that the tickets were left at the scene of the murder.

Afterward the characters that remain are caught up in the same momentum that the others in part on the SC.