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After the CD’s “The Spirit Melody”, “Traces of Qualia” “Piquant Motifs 1” and “Piquant motifs 2” one might think that a pause might be in order. Never fear, at Satzclock pausing is only for TV remotes. The next releases are almost finished and around the corner.

The story line in Part 2 of the Clock centers around war and its various outcomes and side effects. Polonius is groomed for destruction and callous disregard for the people he engages until he runs into a surprise encounter with some elderly people.

Nancy invades a very difficult location only to run into the Key Morrisette leftover.

One of the concepts being explored is that war is a very gradual morphing from mild control to all out destruction. When Jim Crow laws existed it was a form of war against specific minorities. The armed body is irrelevant, it is force to achieve the aims of the aggressor. Society today is engaged in myriads of soft wars with law being the tool of choice to direct armies and police.

Stay tuned for details on the next event!