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Frieda Gets Her Tickets – Finale

So how does this story end? Well Frieda and Damien run into each other at a Starbucks. Frieda wants to kill Damien as well as get back the Green Day tickets that she left at the murder scene which could implicate her in the murder of Seriula. They make small chit chat and ultimately Frieda poisons the drink of Damien while she asks him to head to the kitchen. When he comes back she takes leave to go to the bathroom when instead of doing that she rifles through his rooms in search of the green day tickets. Damien notices a chip on the glass of his guest.

When she returns the conversation turns to a morality system that one of Damien’s old friends possesses, that being the putative good will girl, Anika Trask. He tells Frieda that Anika’s system is the most pure and perfect morality system on the earth. The system is simple, the only evil or wrong that a person can do is to cause suffering to living creatures and that all else is permitted. No wearing of red shirts, dancing on Saturdays, walking backwards or anything else that a cult or government might call wrong could be bad. Only causing suffering to a living creature. And this would be amended to survival issues come first. Freida balks at this and makes the claim that everyone has their so called morality systems but that when their actions are analyzed there are many hypocrisies floating about. People hunt animals for pure sport maiming and killing them, they support industries that cause great torment to them as well. And when confronted by it they merely answer that the meat tastes good and that they feel no guilt at causing this suffering. Why does killing humans or harming them end up in a special category to be respected, is this not self serving morality? What about institutional mistreatment of prisoners many of whom are political in nature as well as innocent? Isn’t kidnapping people for the sake of of the potential profits for someone else not an issue of law but of convenient moral categorizations? Through out all of man-kinds choices accuracy, truth and logic are repeatedly ignored in favor of superstition, greed, cruelty, power lust and all other manner of immoral function. Frieda states that her morality system is superior to all others, she simply does what ever she wants and cares not a whit for others and thus is above hypocrisy as she makes no claims to purity and expects none from others.

Damien answers that the system is indeed pure and that Frieda’s examples show situations where suffering was caused. Euphoric from the Gluconium dust that he has been imbibing on he proceeds to claim that doing good makes one feel a deep sense of enjoyment and purpose. Why even at that moment he had noticed a chip in Frieda’s glass and poured out her drink while giving her his so that she might have a much better experience. His sacrifice for her had lifted him above the day to day to a plane of consciousness that was truly ecstatic.

Frieda recoils in horror at hearing this since now she had ingested fully the poisonous drink. She rails against his morality system while calling him a murderer, that he had killed poor Frieda because of a misguided and twisted sense of logic. Damien is reduced to saying huh and duh for the remainder of the finale. Thus concludes the Popeye suite.