Satz Clock

Frieda Gets Her Tickets – Finale

So how does this story end? Well Frieda and Damien run into each other at a Starbucks. Frieda wants to kill Damien as well as get back the Green Day tickets that she left at the murder scene which could […]

More of the Story

Mentioned earlier was the theme of the first story. The second story of the Satz Clock(a story made from the plot of a movie inside the opera) connects into the other stories but is strongly independent. In song one of […]

An Underlying Force to the Satz Clock

A centrally important concept is that animals are living creatures and have the same claims to moral protection as do humans. To make the claim that you do not have to respect animals at a level at least close to […]

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

One of the strong ideas that begins in the first part of the Satz clock emanates from a woman who is amusingly called “the goodwill girl”. Her name is Anika Trask. Like a flower that briefly appears, her inner beauty […]

Story Line

This outline of the book form gives a glimpse at a small part of the story in part one of the Satz Clock. There will be continuous updates as time goes on. The opening of the book begins by talking […]

One of the Many Flavors…

Since the Satz clock is so large it is not easy to just describe what is going on without serious loss of context. So we will get a description of it in many essays and small writings. The larger segments […]

Welcome to the Satz Clock!

The amazing Satz Clock project remains in motion. The 47 hour piece is about 38% through part one. If you want to participate by all means contact us if you are a quality musician of any style as this is […]