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Music as a pathway to zones of Pleasure, Enlightenment and Conflict.

The ways of experiential growth and the role of music to expand experiences to amazing levels. Euphoria, growth, terror, amazement and much more are around the corner.

Appeal For Mercy

There is high drama in the song Appeal For Mercy. Polonius has been directed by Commander Flanders to show no mercy in his destruction of potential hold outs. He is confronted by a man and his boy who ask him […]

CD Baby

Further CDs from the Centrifugal Satz Clock are available at CD Baby, I-tunes and other locations. Of note are the recent releases “Traces of Qualia”, “The Spirit Melody”, “Piquant motifs 1” and “Piquant motifs 2”. More CDs are being released […]


One of the primary components in the music production is a program called Omnisphere. The sounds can be very complex and delicious. Granularity is achieved in remarkable ways and sounds previous composers worked years to achieve are available quite readily. […]

Its here!

After the CD’s “The Spirit Melody”, “Traces of Qualia” “Piquant Motifs 1” and “Piquant motifs 2” one might think that a pause might be in order. Never fear, at Satzclock pausing is only for TV remotes. The next releases are […]

Vents Magazine Interview

See the link below for Steve’s interview with Vents magazine.

All Access Magazine Interview!

All Access Magazine was kind enough to interview Steve…and publish their findings. There research was published here. Their HTML is very pretty, so likely a better reading experience can be had by clicking on the link to their page. However, […]

Lord Litter

Recently, the Centrifugal Satz Clock has found an outlet for it’s music in Lord Litter’s Radio Show “Lord Litter’s Magical Music Box – International,” in Germany and his other outlets including Sonoma County’s KWTF. Check out Lord Litter here and […]

Recent Reviews

The mighty Centrifugal Satz Clock project, while remaining a well kept secret, has not gone completely unnoticed. Recently, the CSC: Morning has shown up in a few public places. Firstly, the Centrifugal Satz Clock: Morning musical received a very kind […]