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California Session Complete!

We would like to take this opportunity to extend a thank you to Billy Hulting, producer of our California Sessions, and all the fine players who participated in making the dream of these tracks a reality!

We had an all-star string quartet made up of violinist Charlie Bisharet, violinist Kirstin Fife, violist Novi Novog, and Cellist Stefanie Fife. Kirstin and Stefanie are sisters, and have played on a ton of film sessions. Charlie Bisharet is very well known – he played with Shadowfax and was Yanni’s lead violinist for years. Novi Novog played the Viola solo on “Oh Black Water,” by the Doobie Brothers. Thanks guys!

The second part of our session involved an awesome rhythm section: Mitch Forman on the piano, Mike Miller on guitar, Abe Laboriel on bass, and Vinnie Colaiuta on drums.We cannot overstate how amazing this group was. On short notice they played very difficult music while not only getting it perfect, but managed to add a ferocious energy, touch, and feel to the project. When it comes to music industry credentials these players all have a list the size of Dallas, and we recommend you check them out on youTube at the very least.

In addition to doing a fantastic job producing and directing these sessions, Billy Hulting, who also tours with Zappa plays Zappa, lent his fantastic talents in the form of a vibraphone performance. We are very grateful for all of Billy’s hard work. You can check him out here, or check out his production company here.